Acrux Systems offers photography services for events and parties, family portraits and head shots. We shoot, Anniversary, Birthday, Bridal and Baby Shower Events, Blog and Social Media Photos, Family Photos, Engagement Photos, Newborn Pictures, Head Shots, and much more.

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Web Design

Need a Website? Don’t feel like maintaining your existing website? Acrux Systems provides web design services, or we can update your existing website. Let us take a look at what we can do to maximize visits to your website today.

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Server Installation/Administration

We can provide you with systems administration from a qualified sys admin to handle any maintenance or problems that can arise with your server. Most support can be handled remotely, or for those rare occasions, can come into your office/home to take care of the issue.

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Server/Client Installation and Configuration

If you are in need of setting up a server to provide access to applications or services to your employees we can help. We will configure a secured vpn for employees to be able to access important documents and information regardless of their location.

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Business/Home Network Setup

We can provide you with a small home network, connecting computers and/or printers within your home and/or office. We Can configure shared drives for music or files, and make it possible to print from home or abroad.

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Home Security

We also are able to help fortify your home by implementing small measures to ward off intruders. From trip wires, to motion detectors, there are many ways to be alerted of trespassers long before they are any threat to you.

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Security Camera Installation

Having confidence that you and your family are safe at night is every mans goal. We can procure, install and configure a new security system that provides comfort for you and your family that you are safe. View your cameras from home, or abroad as all of our packages are accessible from the internet.

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Home Theater Setup and Installation

We can handle it all from mounting your new flat screen television, to setting up your small home theater with a mounted projector and 7.1 surround sound.

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